About me:

I'm 6'2" tall, around 215 pounds, and I look vaguely like Brendan Fraser. I'm rather shy sometimes, outgoing at other times, and I enjoy good friends, although I don't usually have more than around 10 really close friends at a time.

I live in Studio City, California, in a house that I bought. I grew up in the Phoenix, Arizona area, and attended Chaparral High School, in Scottsdale. I moved to Los Angeles in 1993, and I love it here.

I'm a Senior Systems Administrator at Earthlink. I run Solaris on both Sparc and X86 at my home, and host several non-profit websites on my servers. I've been a Macintosh user since 1989, and BBEdit is the reason that I'm still an Apple customer. I've got 2 Windows machines, one is a laptop, and the other is used strictly for games. I consult for CSCorp , so if you need a good systems administrator for part time work, please contact CSCorp.

You can see a copy of my resume here.