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Important Solaris Links
Solaris Central : News Hardware Compatibility Lists for Solaris
(Intel Platform Edition)
Sun Freeware
(x86 and SPARC)
Sunsite - x86 Quake on Solaris
(x86 and SPARC)
ZFS - The ZetaByte File System (Solaris 10/11 only)
Sun Vendors
Meci Data Instruments, Inc. Sun Valley Technical Repair
Computer Connection New York TK Technologies Meridian Leasing
Optimus Solutions MiniComputer Exchange
BZip2 Horde.org LCDProc OpenSSH OpenSSL GNU Privacy Guard Mod_perl
TCP Wrappers and more NCFtp Cyrus Security libs for Sendmail QPopper pop3 server
Pine (mail reader) Elm (mail reader) Elm FTP directory for source Sysinfo Sysmon
Interesting Stuff
Matrix Orbital LCD Displays
BLACK BOX On-Line: The World's Source for Connectivity
O'Reilly & Associates xlr8yourmac Other World Computing- Welcome
System Performance
ISC BIND Using check_* in sendmail 8.8
WorldCom MAE Information
Compiling Sendmail Sendmail.org Homepage
gamesEV Override Nova
hardware - sales infoMatrix Orbital Serial Display Modules
hardware - saleseBay Listings: Unix
knifeSpyderco Knives From The Knife Center of the Internet
referenceHighly Scalable Electronic Mail Service Using Open Systems
referenceA Scalable News Architecture on a Single Spool
sun resalesGanymede Systems and Technology, inc
sun resalesmce.html
sun resalessparc,sun,specials,used sun,apc,disk,scsi,exide,powerstar,microsoft,sparc,lexmark
sun resalesRAVE Computer Association, Inc. Sun Marketplace Solutions Provider
sun resalesTK Technologies Sun For Sale Page
sun resalesWorkstations.net
sun softwareFree Solaris Promotion for Non-Commercial Use
sunWietse's collection of tools and papers
sunHardware Compatibility Lists for Solaris (Intel Platform Edition)
sunExtreme Programming Roadmap
sundocs.sun.com Hardware Compatibility List for Solaris 2.6 (Intel Platform Edition)
sunhttp://www.clark.net/~roesch/security.ht ml